Hiring a live in Nanny

A live-in nanny is the perfect solution for a busy household, active children and a demanding profession. The challenge can be knowing if ‘they are the one.’ It’s a bit like dating! You need to have a good feeling about your nanny, so that the relationship can blossom into a strong trusting one.

Is it Right for You?

While the idea of help at hand within your home can sound appealing, are you someone who enjoys your own space? Will you feel at ease with having a non-relative or close friend constantly in your personal space? Secondly, do you have the room for a live-in nanny? They will need to have their own bedroom and personal space. In addition, how do the rest of your household feel?

Budget Well

A nanny will be an additional cost for you, examine closely whether it is an affordable one, before you start to reach out to potential job seekers via Nannyez’s directory. Be realistic about what you can afford to offer as a salary and stick to it, don’t over promise.

Who is Ideal?

Everyone in favor of a live in nanny, budget organized, now it’s time to narrow down who your ideal super nanny is. What skills and experience would you like to have onboard in your home? Should they be fluent in any other language? What do and don’t you require your nanny to do in terms of their role?

Being clear on the duties, skills and ideal personality of your super nanny, will serve you well during the recruitment and hiring stage. Keep to hand your list of ideal qualities as you shortlist resumes for interviews. You can shortlist nannies to interview from your selected criteria. You may find along the way that your list evolves, this is perfectly fine and is all part of fine tuning your live-in child care.

Advertise Your Job

Post a notice on Nannyez’s website for our directory of registered nannies to respond to. You could also browse our directory, then make contact with carers to organise an interview. Always verify their details, for example ID, certificates and when they last attended a child first aid course. For more advice on interviews and how to ensure interviews go smoothly, see our dedicated area nanny interview questions.

Prepare a Living Space

As you start your interview and recruitment process, part of this might be a home visit to meet your family. It can make a difference as to whether a nanny will accept a job or not, if they see the living space prepared for them. A welcoming, warm, clean and private area for them will help the employee / employer live-in working relationship start on a positive note.

Draw up a Contract

This is a very important part of your hiring process, this is an official document that will state all agreements between you and your nanny. For example, working hours, salary, time off etc. You can draw a contract up yourself using a Word.doc there is no need for fancy language, it is best to keep it straightforward and easy to read. Ensure there is a space for both you and your nanny to sign and date. Have someone you trust who has a good understanding of grammar proofread your document, and feedback on any areas they feel are missing or could be adjusted. Take feedback that’s useful and will enhance your working agreement and family’s protection.