Nanny contract

The contract between you and your nanny needs to have enough detail, so that it is clear what is expected from both parties. It should also be taken pretty seriously in terms of what terms and conditions are included. You will need a contract to protect your best interests as an employer, your nanny will also need one, so they can feel secure in their employment. It’s important to note that contacts once signed by both parties are legally binding. However, you don’t need a lawyer in order to make a contract binding, it should just be clear, straightforward, fair and signed. The role of a lawyer will ensure that nothing key has been omitted. If you have an unusual set up with your nanny, it might be a good idea to have a lawyer look over what you have drafted. However, for most everyday straight forward agreements if you feel confident feel free to draft your own. Allow your nanny the opportunity to give feedback on the terms. Remember you are the employer and it is your discretion as to what can be negotiated, keep the needs of your family in mind.

Start by outlining the duties you would like your nanny to carry out. For example, child care times, days, preparing meals, after school activities, school runs, duties around the house etc. Next think about the benefits and perks that you will offer. This can include salary details, overtime payments, holiday time, sick pay, and any other benefits or perks that you will personally offer as the employer. Trial periods, confidentiality, notice periods and contract termination should also be included.