Nanny Interview Questions

Interviews with potential nannies could provide a good insight into a nanny’s approach and values when it comes to child care. It is an opportunity for parents to access whether their approach is in line with your own approach to child care. An interview is normally a formal process, however you should aim to make your potential nanny feel comfortable and allow them to see your true personality as a parent and employer. Be honest and open, your nanny will spend a lot of time in your home, it’s worth while ensuring that personalities, values and approaches match to ensure a successful working relationship with you and your family.

The interview can last between forty five minutes to one hour. An idea of interview structure, or the type of questions you can ask are:

The interview process should be a two way process. Remember you are also being interviewed by a nanny! They are making a judgement over whether they could and wish to work for you and your family. Do shed positive light on your family, but don’t exaggerate be honest. If you have a child that can be difficult, or has special needs let the nanny know.