Checks and references

A Background check on any potential carer is part of the recruitment process, all registered carers within the Nannyez database are aware of this. Carers also would have had a background check carried out before approval to join our directory.

What is a Background Check?

A public place ideally, where they are other people. Bring someone along with you if possible. Ideally your interview should be carried out after you have selected a carer as a potential person to provide a care service.

This is an ideal opportunity to do further verification. You could request that your interviewee brings along their original ID documents, resume, an any references that they have to hand.

Yes! If you have warmed to them and feel positive that they have a high chance of being hired, after you have interviewed all your potential carers. This is a great opportunity to see how they will get along with your family and hear feedback from your family members.