Babysitter Services

Finding a babysitter can be a challenge even if it’s planned for with good timing. Sometimes the challenge is not locating one, as there are many babysitters offering services. As a parent the challenge can be building trust, finding a trusted person you feel at ease with to supervise your child(ren) in your absence. With parent’s number one concern in mind registered babysitters, nannies and au pairs within Nannyez’s directory, have been screened before approval. Child(ren) with special care needs will find a suitable, flexible babysitter, nanny or au pair to meet their needs.

What to Expect from Our Team of Babysitters, Nannies and Au Pairs

  • Trained in CPR and child first aid.
  • Excellent role models for your child(ren).
  • Aware of safety precautions within each age group.
  • Over the age of xxx.
  • Prepared to visit you and your family, to get to know you and your needs beforehand.

Babysitter Services

Long-term babysitting

Regular daily, weekly or however you desire can be provided.

Short-term babysitting

Flexible care on an one off occasion is always on offer.

Outside of the home care

Babysitting is primarily carried out inside the child(ren)’s home. However, if requested care can take place at child and family day centers, parks, camps and various outside of the home child friendly places. Parents will need to provide consent, and direction for outside of the home babysitting.

Our Babysitter Service

If you have little family or friends near, or even if you do there is no guarantee that their schedule will be free to babysit. That’s where Nannyez comes in. Parents will experience peace of mind right from the start. As soon as you browse our directory of babysitters, you will not only find that they are highly qualified in child care, and come recommended with great reviews, during an interview with one of our babysitters a professional and fun attitude are guaranteed. Both you and your child(ren) will find a great connection. Hiring a babysitter can be beneficial as:

  • Parents need and deserve time off, parenting is a full-time job worthy of a little ‘vacation.’
  • Healthy, happy and well rested parents lead to a happy home.
  • An additional pair of hands could help with organization of your home schedule. If you are a single parent, or you and your spouse work different schedules for example. Key events such as school runs, a chaperone to and from extracurricular activities, mealtimes and bedtimes duties will be covered.
  • Having an extra caregiver for your child(ren) is never a negative thing. Children thrive with high amounts of love and support academically, socially and go on to be healthy adults. As they develop into adulthood they will understand how to express emotions and love themselves. Preparing them to become the perfect parent and member of society.