Focused Care & Tutors

Every parent has a desire to see their child(ren) shine academically, Nannyez share the same vision. We have a team of qualified, patient and highly dedicated tutors ready to be at your service. Every registered tutor shares the same vision, with an aim to help support your child(ren) so that academically they are on track to achieve high grades. Within our directory you will find local private tutors, offering a range of tutoring services. Both long-term and short-term tutoring can be offered. A regular schedule can be agreed between parent(s) and a tutor.
Parents are busy with many different demands placed on them. Nannyez’s tutors are here to ease the difficulty to carve out that much needed time, to spend with your child(ren) on homework tasks or extra tutoring in a particular area they need. Tutoring sessions can be held at your home or an agreed public place.

What Kind of Tutoring is Offered?

Tutoring services with Nannyez include but not limited to homework support, extra tutoring on particular areas of the curriculum, answering model questions for practice and gaining competence, marking and assessment of work completed, exam or test preparation, general feedback on areas that learners have become or need to achieve further competency in.

What Tutoring Can Not Provide

Any form of unethical working which could result in a student plagiarizing, (directly copying), the work of others for the student’s benefit. Any form of practice that could result in accusations of exam or test cheating.

Advice on Finding the Perfect Tutor

Firstly, consider what need your child(ren) have, and the subjects they need to focus on, or if their need is more general. This will help you narrow down your search to the tutor who has the right expertise, in your child(ren)’s area of need. You could also narrow your search down to a tutor who has had experience of working with the age group of your child(ren).

It is recommended to meet with your tutor beforehand where possible, to see if their approach will match your child(ren)’s learning style and need. Don’t be afraid to ask how they plan, prepare and carry out their tutoring sessions. Allow your child(ren) to meet the tutor also, so they can feedback to you how comfortable they feel with them.

Remember a tutor is there to offer support, which means your child(ren) should be encouraged to put in the extra work needed, to learn, understand and raise their academic ability. The final results will be a joint venture between support from the tutor and engagement that each student applies.